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Film Laboratory

Workshop calendar 2023

Mire’s laboratory is a shared creative space where one can work with analog film, mostly Super8 and 16mm.
This is a propitious place to experiment processes, (happy) accidents, the unpredictable. A place that invites you to operate machines coming from a film industry which, with the advent of digital, were handed over to filmmakers.

The lab is open to anyone. The sole requirements are to take out a membership, to receive basic training regarding the equipment and to book a time-slot in the shared calendar. Mire prepares the chemistry and members pay a flat rate contribution based on the footage processed.
Mire also rents cameras and sells film stock at cost price.
List of prices

In order to encourage everyone to get started with analog film practice, Mire regularly holds introduction workshops to film processing or handling of equipment, as well as specific workshops conducted by guest filmmakers.
In addition to these workshops, Mire also offers personalized accompaniment for specific training needs.

For more info, contact carole(at)

Mire is a member of the artist run filmlabs international network

– dark room for handprocessing – including spirals and chemicals for collective use (B&W reversal D94/95  – colour reversal E6 , B&W negative and B&W positive D97 )
– Contact printer Debrie Tipro (16mm to 16mm, 35mm to 16mm) Optical printer JK (Super 8 vers 16mm / 16mm vers 16mm) pour copies et effets spéciaux
– Editing material (16mm editing table CTM + 16mm and Super8 splicers, winders, viewers)
– Super 8 / 16 mm / 35 mm projectors

Videos in connection with the lab are available on Mire’s vimeo : 
– Debrie printer tutorial
Captures of workshops (led by guest filmmakers) outputs
–  Outputs of workshops led by Mire