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Prisme #2 Festival

TEASER PRISME #2 from vincent pouplard on Vimeo.

Mire’s annual meeting invites to the exploration of an inventive and multifaceted cinema adept at photochemical medium.
Working with analog film in the digital era reflects a certain commitment, a freedom of creation, a passionnate connection to technique.

Celebrating the idea of texture, matter, gesture and experimentation, PRISME adopts different / angles of view to create interferences between moving image and other artistic fields : photography, sound, plastic and performative arts.
With a plentiful program including projections, performances, meetings, workshops and exhibition, this second edition promises unique visual and sensorial experiences !


COSMOPOLIS – Passage Graslin, 18 rue Scribe, Nantes
LE CINEMATOGRAPHE – 12 bis rue des Carmélites, Nantes
ASKIP – Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nantes St-Nazaire, 2 allée Frida Kahlo, Nantes
BLOCKHAUS DY10 – 12 rue La Noue Bras de Fer, Nantes
ATELIERS DE BITCHE – 3 rue de Bitche, Nantes
LE SINGE EN HIVER (ex Méliès), 17 rue des Carmélites, Nantes
CAFE LANDRU, 7 rue Lekain, Nantes




Exhibition’s opening – Projection, performance
COSMOPOLIS • Free Entrance • from 18.30

Cavalcade, film by Johann Lurf, (2019 – 35mm) – 5 minutes –19h
The eyes empty and the pupils burning of rage and desire, film/performance by Luis Macias, (2019 – 16mm) – 20 min – 20h




COSMOPOLIS • Free Entrance • 12.00 to 18.00
Nocturne Tuesday 10. December from 18.00 to 20.30
Invited artists : Estelle Chaigne, Mariska de Groot, Karel Doing, Willy Durand, Silvi Simon

The exhibition « Briller par son absence » brings together artists that question the persistance of images, the illusion of movements, through a sonic installation or through photographs which chemical or mechanical reactions let the effects of the time passing time appear. Alteration of the matter, of the photosensitive surface, image non-fixity, random swarm of the grain unique to analog cinema are reshaped in multiple manners in these plastic propositions.

The phrase « briller par son absence »( *« being conspicious by one’s absence » litterally « shining by one’s absence ») emphasizes a remarkable absence as well as the principle of disappearance of cinema components (projector, screen, moving image) to give way to light, duration and impression.

+ Céline Lixon & Charlotte le Bec works to be seen in « OFF » exhibitions at « Le singe en hiver » (ex Méliès) and at Café Landru




PROJOCOPTERE – Workshop with 16 mm projectors (Thursday 5th + Friday 6th)
Restitution session sunday 8th of December 15.00 at Cosmopolis.
At Mire • 10 € • 10.00 to 18.00 • on registration aurelie(at) • limitated to 8 people


The « projocopieuse » is a contact printer improvised from a 16mm projector.
The idea is simple : the projector is loaded with unexposed stock and film to be copied (« bipack ») then started, the film stock that runs is exposed thanks to a small LED lamp. A positive or negative copy can be created from an original. Working with loops, frozen frames, optical sound, superimposition or lag, lots of possibilities.
This will result in a projection of unpredictible images !

Projocoptère : technique dusted off in the shallows of Atelier MTK in Grenoble and continued by le Ratoir, research and developpement in Marseille, comprised of Pierre Borel, Loyce Jainé, Léa Lanoë, et Novel di Ricoll.


NOISE BOMBING – Wandering, concert
Cosmopolis • Free Entrance • 18.00 Start of the collective wandering to Askip.
Askip • Free Entrance • 19.00 • Concert• Snack

An incursion in the Jogja Noise Bombing (JNB), coming straight from Indonesia, with its key figure Indra Menus and his sidekick Joe Million. This movement gathers a noise artists community focusing on experimental audio, metal, harsh noise wall and other forms of exploratory sounds. Inspired by spray painted graffitis, Noise Bombing is performative, it appears unexpectedly in public space.
A way for outlet and protest, small joyfull guerilla is awaiting you in the streets of Nantes.

To be noted : the book « JNB : from the street to the stage » by Indra Menus and Sean Stellfox will be available at Askip from 25/11 to 8/12.


Projection, sound and visual poetry
Blockhaus DY10 • 5 € • 20.30

An evening dedicated to sensorial alteration. On the one hand, Anthony McCall’s lightcone’s appearance is conditional to the diffusion of smoke, the film turns into a light sculpture. On the other hand, Flore Audebeau, David Chiesa and Sébastien Perroud invent an immersive process in which the audience is experimenting darkness as a substance. Light, combined to time, resonnates to Anthony Mc Call’s work and is revealed in its depth while inhabited with bodies.

Line describing a cone – Anthony McCall (1973 / 16mm / n&b / 30’ 00)
Lindors – Flore Audebeau (voice and action), David Chiesa (music), Sébastien Perroud (lights)




PROJOCOPTERE (continuation) – Workshop
Mire • 10.00 to 18.00




Projection • Le Cinématographe • 3/3,5/5€ •
L.A.D 1 : 19.00 / L.A.D 2 : 21.30 Soup interlude (give what you like) at Le singe en hiver café


Inventing, inventorying. Probing, archiving, superimposing. Capturing. Destroying. Crossing a world in disintegration. Resurrecting a famous building. Scrutinizing the guts of a television. Watching the sound tracks. Stopping time. Constructing a fire-film. Contemplating.
18 films to explore the infinite spectrum of possibilities of the photochemical medium.


19H – L.A.D 1


W O W (Kodak) – Viktoria Schmid (Filmkoop Wien) – 2018 – 35mm – 3’
Churubusco Inventory – Elena Pardo (LEC, Mexico) – 2019 – 16mm vers vidéo – 7’
Les Petits Outils – Emmanuel Piton (Labo K, Rennes) – 2018 – 16mm vers vidéo – 11’
Les Chutes du tripode – Gérémy Lelièvre (Mire, Nantes) – 2018 – 16mm – 2’
Capture d’écran – Loïc Verdillon (MTK, Grenoble) – 2018 – 16mm – 7’
Bathers – Douglas Urbank (AGX, Boston) 2019 – 16mm – 3’
The Mulch spider’s dream – Karel Doing (Film in Process, Londres) – 2018 – 16mm -14’
Studie voor een veldsdag – Esther Urlus (Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam) – 2018 – 16mm – 6’
The Sound Drift – Stefano Canapa (L’Abominable, La Courneuve) – 2019 – 35mm – 8’


21H30 – L.A.D 2


Let’s look at Florida – Hogan Seidel, Amanda Justice, Amber Vistein (Floride) – 2018 – 16mm – 6’
D’étranges vues et de joyeux vestiges – Guillaume Mazloum (L’Abominable, La Courneuve) – 2018 – 16mm – 12’
Sir Bailey – Matthew Ripplinger (Niagara Custom Lab, Toronto) – 2018 – 16mm – 8’
Les Films du dés-apparaître #3 : Dans sa toile est un lac – Oscar Hache (Burstscratch, Strasbourg) – 2019 – 16mm – 7’
El Tiempo suspendido – Marta Valverde (Nigrán) – 2017 – super 8 vers vidéo – 3’
Rebenty – collectif (Mire, Nantes, L’Abominable, La Courneuve) – 2018 – 16mm – 5’
Grabados del Ojo Nocturno – Jean-Jacques Martinod (Niagara Custom Lab, Toronto) – 2016 -16mm – 7’
Limen – Kathryn Ramey (AGX, Boston) – 2019 – 16mm – 12’
Rites of Resistance – Miki Ambrózy (LABO BxL – MTK, Grenoble – L’Abominable, La Courneuve) – 2017 – 16mm – 20’




EDITHATON – Collaborative writing workshop
Restitution session sunday 8th of December 15.00 at Cosmopolis.
Cosmopolis • for free on registration to • limited to 10 participants.

The Ateliers Femmes et féminisme (Women and feminism workshops) propose a introduction workshop in order to complement Wikipedia encyclopaedia in english, french, spanish or german langage. The goal of this initiative is to increase encyclopaedia  contents on experimental cinema. To do so, articles about artists, labs, etc can be created or already existing articles translated from a (from one language to another) langage to another.
Open to any person sensitive to genre issues and knowledge sharing.

Ateliers Femmes et féminisme (Women and feminism workshops) is an association based in Nantes. Its aim is to make women achievements visible, to record them in history, to pass on a model for future generations.


FILMS FAITS MAIN (Handcrafted films) – Workshop – all audiences from 6 years old.
Cosmopolis • Free Entrance • Open Continuously • From 15.00 to 18.00

An invitation to manipulate the film material by yourself. Scratching, drawing, sticking, taping in order to make small graphical loops that will come to life thanks to the wonderful mechanics of the projector.




L’ATELIER D’ARCHIVES Haroun Tazieff (the archival workshop Haroun Tazieff) – Projection, presentation
Le Cinématographe • Free Entrance • 16h

Exceptionnal projection of original images shot by the famous vulcanologist and presentation by the members of the Atelier d’Archives Haroun Tazieff members : Elsa Rossler, Amélie Barbier, Loïc Verdillon.
Some years ago, Frédéric Lavachery collected hundreds of rolls shot by Haroun Tazieff. These rolls are made of cuts, editing trials, work copies. They were stored in precarious conditions and it appeared urgent to build up a structure that would enable to preserve this precious testimony.
That’s how the Atelier d’archives Haroun Tazieff was born, in 2018.


TURBULENCES D’ONDES (Wave turbulence) – Live Image and Sound
Ateliers de Bitche • 8/10€ • 19. 30 • on site catering
Sets starting at 20.00 sharp !

Expanded cinema, sound gestures, improvised music, body-poetics, impacts, physicality, light scansions, collective energy, waves in interaction. Turbulences d’ondes is a dense program of eight performances that will make you oscillate between contemplation and physical involvement, between here and elsewhere.
A certain kind of saturday night fever.


Labo K (FR) / Obtür – 16mm prepared projectors, live sound creation, ghost-like landscapes and images
Will Guthrie & Camille Emaille (AU, FR) – percussions, between skins and metals, rythms and sound textures
Bernardo Zanotta (BR) &Lennart Smidt (DE) / Forgotten matters – expanded cinema, melodic piano, expressionnist panic, tale of objects and forgotten moments
Lucrecia, Cool Verdict & Riojim (FR) / Riuh Saudura – indonesian chemistry-reverie, photosensitive and sound souvenirs
Yann Leguay & Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (BE, IS) / Againt the sunset – raw material, throbbing-haunting rythm, between dusk and dawn
Luis Macias & Alfredo Costa Monteiro (ES) / No puedo ver el sexto sol – 16mm film / 35 mm slides, electroacoustics, mesoamerican cosmogonic myth
Indra Menus & Joe Million (ID) – Savage hip-hop and noise mix in DIY indonesian style : direct and loud
Christophe Cardoen (FR) +surprise DJ – Wrapped in light dancefloor, electromechanical devices, shutters, reflective surfaces





BRUNCH+++ Image and sound
COSMOPOLIS • 8€ • on registration • 12.00

To conclude this festival over good food and good mood, we invite you to a savoury brunch, as a breeding ground for exchange. An opportunity to meet artists, filmmakers, PRISME#2 guests and team.
+++ Kitchen Beets – Bea Haut -2019 – 16mm – 1′ + some more image and sound surprises


Meeting, projection
COSMOPOLIS • Free Entrance •15.00

Restitution session for Editathon + Projocoptère
+ open screen to discover what is beeing made in Mire’s lab and elsewhere.


Visuel par Boris Jakobek