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Personalized accompaniment


To allow those who wish access to the lab’s different tools, Mire regularly holds introductory workshops to developing and to the use of the machinery (16mm editing table, Truca or JK optical printer , Debrie contact printer)

As a complement to these workshops and to answer to specific need, Mire offers the possibility of personalized accompaniment.

If you have a film project for which you have identified a need for specific training to one of the lab’s tools for which there is no introductory workshop scheduled in a reasonable time-frame, you could benefit from this accompaniment.

Examples :

– JK optical printer training (aka Truca) to “inflate” Super 8 film towards 16mm or to work on superimposition, slow and fast-motion.
– Debrie contact printer training to print a positive copy from a black & white negative or to make a 16mm copy from 35mm originals.
– 16mm editing table training

Conversely, if you have an idea in mind but don’t know how to technically implement it, we can offer some guidance.

This accompaniment is in no way a service provision, it is the accompanied member who will execute the technical operations, under the accompanist’s supervision. Just as with the introductory workshops, the goal is to aim for total autonomy in the lab.

The goal of this offer is also to encourage lab members to use the whole panel of available tools and to avoid an artistic project to remain “stuck” because of a technical shortcoming.

Conditions : Mire membership (20€ / year) +  20€ participation per day + expendables fee
10 days of personalized accompaniment are available in total per year for all members, consequently each member can only benefit from a limited number of days.

For more information : contact carole(at) or come meet us during office permanence hours.