Becoming a member

On call office hours: Monday from 5pm to 7pm

Mire membership gives you access to a certain number of offers :

Lab Super8/ 16mm
Access to the developing lab and its different machinery (Debrie contact printer, JK optical printer, téléciné) upon online reservation and participation to chemical cost, under the condition of having been trained in its usage.

Introductory training and workshops
Super 8 developing, training for a specific machine, guest film-maker workshops
Introduction : 10 € / Workshop : 40€ member / 50€ non-member

Mire/Apo 33 shared work room
A space that is possible to reserve for rehearsals or short residencies.

Loan Equipment
upon initial training, security deposit and returned clean and in good condition.
Cameras Super 8 and 16mm : deposit 40€ /150€
Projectors Super8 and 16mm : deposit 50€ /150€
Optics for projector 16mm : deposit 150€
Splicer Super8 and 16 mm : deposit 100€ / 150€
Camera tripod : deposit 150€
Viewer Super8 : deposit 30€

Personalized accompaniment
In the limit of 2 days per year per person, one has the possibility to be accompanied in the training for a specific tool necessary to a project. Conditions : 20€ per day/ prior discussion to evaluate needs

Film purchase
2 grouped orders of film per year – 20% discount at Kodak
Occasional orders of projector lamps and drive belts, etc.

Access to Mire’s archives, books, DVD, VHS surrounding experimental cinema. Available for on site consultation or rent. Suggestion for acquisitions welcome.

Connection/ information
mailing list, exchanges, festival information etc…

Opportunity to present an ongoing personal project for confrontation to an audience and discussion.

Once every two months, a rendez-vous around images. Each and everyone can project a film they have just developed or found in a yard sale… A favorable moment for welcoming new members.


Mire is run, in relation to the employed team, by an administration council that meet four times a year around different given topics. These meetings are open to all members who wish to contribute to the reflection upon the association’s direction.

  • December / January: diffusion – PRISME event
  • March : structure and finances
  • March : prospective projects year N+1
  • September / October  : laboratory

General Assembly
It is held once a year, generally in April. The presence of the greatest number of member is appreciated. We present the report of the past year and the project for the upcoming one. We elect every two years the administration office (president, treasurer, secretary).

Diffusion / PRISME Commission
A group of members who program and organize the annual PRISME festival and thinks over the orientation and actions the association takes in terms of diffusion (the Cinématographe programming commission, punctual solicitations…).

Laboratory Commission
A group of members who manage the lab’s daily operation (prepping the chemistry, leading the introductory workshops) and ponders its annual program (introductions, workshops, artist residencies…).

+++ Helping hands are welcome on our punctual events such as PRISME, screenings, Aperiscreen !
Furthermore, do not hesitate to share any ideas, initiatives or propositions you may have !

Individual membership : from 20€ / year
Group membership (3 people from the same structure) : from 50€ / year