Here a few recommendations from the Mire team of online resources to watch, read, listen and wander: VOD platforms, technical resources, radios, cool websites…surrounding experimental cinema among other things.

Arsenal 3
The 3rd -virtual- room of the Berliner cinema.
Cabin fever
A collaborative and thematic list of experimental video and film, elaborated by artist Kate Lain for her art video students when classes got cancelled in the context of the sanitary crisis of March 2020.
The “smallest film distributor in the world” offers a delightful catalog of past and present works, exclusively in 16mm ! Trailers visible online.
Le Cinématographe – ressources audio
Open access to conferences given at the cinema and the “Des Trains dans la Nuit” podcast.
Collectif Jeune Cinema Full Films
Films from the diffusion structure Young Cinema Collective’s catalog visible in full online.
Editorial project integrating the plurality of supports (paper and electronic) dealing with cinema as well as a thought construction surrounding images.
English-Spanish website founded in Peru in 2012. Marginal cinema, space for critical thought and reflection. Festival journals, portraits of up-and-coming film-makers.
THE website of the international network of artist-run labs ! Lab census, history of the network, think-pieces and a number of precious technical information surrounding photo-chemical film!
1549 films from the experimental cinema distribution association Lightcone’s catalog visible online.
Platform for works of moving images visible for free on Vimeo, initiated by Stefano Miraglia in 2016.
RE MI Re-engineering Moving Image
Website of the RE Mi project led by Mire, Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam and LaborBerlin between 2015 and 2017.
On the WIKI, a myriad of technical informations, tutorials, conference recordings surround analog film in the contemporary era. In English and in French !
Timeline of historical film colors
A timeline of cinema’s color processes, database created by Barbara Flueckiger, film studies researcher, Zurick University. For aficionados of technical history, but also for aesthetic image contemplation enthusiasts.
A wiki dedicated to analog film and notably to the fabrication of artisanal photosensitive emulsion.