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Workshop with Cécile Fontaine

A workshop to discover and apply filmmaker Cécile Fontaine’s working method. With over 50 films to her name, Cécile Fontaine is one of the most prolific artist of experimental cinema. Her body of work is exclusively built through collage, manipulation, and re-appropriation of found footage. The singularity of her work, and especially her approach to color, have made her a source of inspiration for many filmmakers.

“I enjoy working the materiality of film, the object becomes a material which I transform using non-cinematographic tools. In the manner of an explorer, I tackle each new surface these found or given films, of all types, formats and sources, have to offer. I modify their texture, their colors and images by subjecting them to different chemical reactions, modeling a new hybrid film-object through a process of collage and recomposition, following the suggested thematic lead of the origin source.” Cécile Fontaine

Attention, limited number of participants ! (10 people)

Initially scheduled the 18th and 19th of december, workshop delayed to the 26th and 27th of February.
Registration and information : aurelie(at)