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Mire at the 68. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Screening, round-table

Mire, represented by its 3 active members, will be present this May at the 68. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen !

Extinction d’une fosse de 6m2 à l’aide d’un extincteur à poudre de 9kg” , film produced collectively following the workshop led by Cécile Fontaine last February, will be presented in the LABS 1 program.
This year promises to be rich in exchange and encounters for the LABS section will be composed of no less than 15 other artist-run labs : AFW (Melbourne), LIFT (Toronto), IRIS (Vancouver), Film Farm (Mount Forest Ontario), Filmwerkplaats (Rotterdam), Film in Process (London), L’Etna (Montreuil) , Labo BXL (Brussels) , Los Otros (Quezon City, Philippines), Labor Berlin, Laboratorio Reversible (Barcelone), Filmkoop Wien (Vienne), Unza Lab/Lábbash (Milan), Cimatheque Kairo (Cairo), Harkat Studios (Mumbai, New Delhi, Berlin).

Mire will also participate in the  Expanding the collection round-table discussing the challenges surrounding access to alternative film collections, private or public, for distributors advocating for photo-chemical projection.