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Wandering screening N°1

Saint-Nazaire - PRISME #6

After a high point in Nantes, the PRISME – Argentique du futur adventure carries on with a first stop in Saint-Nazaire !

This screening presents a program of films from the 2023 selection of PRISME and a live expanded cinema performance by Rosa Canina.


Traction by Jenny Baines
UK / 2023 / 16mm / 2’46
Traction features the artist in a tug-of-war with an off-screen adversary, who is only seen through their looming shadow.  The rope’s tension ebb’s and flows throughout the unrehearsed contest, as the artists physical endurance is challenged.

Hula by Amy Halpern, music composed and played by Henry Franklin
USA / 2022 / 16mm / 6′

“Abstract music notation and something very obvious.” — A.H.


Bus, Turning by Richard Tuohy & Diana Barrie
AUS / Nanolab & CraterLab / 2022 / 16mm / 7’10
Barcelona, immediately after the independence referendum. Shot on black and white film stock using a re-invented colour separation technique. Dedicated to the spirit of independence everywhere!

Oxygen by Karel Doing
UK / Ox-Ex / 2023 / 16mm / 6’03
Blades of grass are racing across the screen.


With the tide, with the tide by Anna Kipervaser
USA / 2022 / 16mm / 2’49

I know, you’re a seasonal beast
Like the starfish that drift in with the tide
With the tide
So until your blood runs
To meet the next full moon
Your madness fits in nicely with my own
With my own
Your lunacy fits neatly with my own
My very own

Sea Song by Robert Wyatt

kaua’i ‘ō’ō by Samy Benammar
CA / 2023 / 16mm / 4’19
In 2000, the International Union for Conservation of Nature announced the official extinction of the Oʻō of Kauai. Of this endemic bird of the eponymous Hawaiian island remains solely its song recorded by ornithologist David Boynton. Between the land and the tree tops, I hope to uncover the vanished birds’s trace.


Osmose by Laurence Favre
CE / 2022 / 16mm / 11′
A sensory exploration of the forest and the tensions that inhabit it, Osmosis interweaves images of pure chlorophyll and the dense blackness of burnt forests. The dynamics of these cycles of life and death imprinted pictorially on 16mm film are amplified by a soundscape articulating sensations of anxiety and appeasement, connecting human and non human in an organic mesh.After the poetic portrait of a glacier (Resistance, 2017), Osmosis pursues an immersion into natural environments that are given to see as metaphors of ourselves. Unless we are the metaphors.

Light and Land by Kyath Battie
CA / 2023 / 16mm vers DCP / 7’10
The contrasting topographies in Light and Land disrupt familiar visions of Canadian landscapes so that the specifics of each scene is understood in more complex terms. Lingering somewhere between fantasy and realism, this futuristic documentary underscores atmospheric phenomenon within mysterious environmental incongruence.

+ Performance Murmure de ce qui passe et reste entre deux soleils by Rosa Canina
FR / Mire / 2023 / 25′
Cinéma solo pour projecteur 16mm, micros piezzo et K7 quatre pistes

Grain de son qui s’incruste dans l’oeil, flash sonore de lumière et chants renversés, jusqu’à ce que la machinerie s’emballe.