La Poudrière at Mire

Screening and discussion

As a preamble to the June 15th screening at the Cinématographe, La Poudrière will show a few films and one performance from the collective at Mire in an apéritif ambiance.

An evening to discover the different film practices of this collective of feminist women filmmakers which formed in 2016 within the artist-run lab Etna.

In the presence of Frédérique Menant, Anna Salzberg, Marie Bottois, Esther Laurent-Baroux and Eve Line.

PROGRAMME (env. 74min)

La Poudrière – collective film in progress
2018 – 2023 / 16mm and Super 8 / 20′ – work in progress/ digital projection




Paysages Virages by Agnès Perrais
2022 – 2023 / 16mm / 6′ / proj 16mm



Cité Estuaire by Esther Laurent-Baroux
2022 / Super 8 / 2′ / proj NUM

Music video for Rennes-based singer Cercle.


Face à ce qui se présente by Catherine Bareau
2003 / super 8 performance/ 14′ / proj NUM



Jamais vaincu.e.s by Eve Line
2023 / 32′ / Super 8 and 16mm / proj NUM