Ciné-femmes X Mire invite Marie Bottois, Frédérique Menant and Anna Salzberg


Mire and Ciné-femmes are happy to present you with a two-part program showcasing three films made by the members of La Poudrière, a feminist collective of experimental filmmakers, founded in 2016 within l’Etna – an artist-run filmlab based in Montreuil : a space for creating, learning, thinking and experimenting within a frame of political solidarity.

  • 1st screening – 6:30 pm

Le passage du col by Marie Bottois
2022 / Super 8 and 16mm to DCP / 14’30 / color / sound

“Léna is the midwife, I am the patient. She replaces my IUD and I stage our appointment. The camera becomes a mirror as a relationship of care weaves itself.”

Agua de Vinagre by Frédérique Menant
France / 2022 / 16mm / 39′ / color / sound

“A woman walks through insular landscapes where the intimate territories of grief start to take shape. How does one act with the dead that live on within us ? How does one live at once with and without them ? How can one be present in the world with this gaping hole ? Through a sensitive, nearly tactile approach, a world rebuilds itself where those who are absent find their place alongside the living, where sensuality wins over collapse.”

link to the Cinématographe’s agenda

  • 2nd screening – 8:30 pm

Le jour où j’ai découvert que Jane Fonda était brune by Anna Salzberg
France / 2022 / 84 minutes / HD & 16 mm & Super 8 mm / color and b&w / sound

“I ask my mother about her feminist past and why she chose to have a child alone. She does not respond, so I look for answers elsewhere, in archives, within a woman choir and my own film endeavors. I want to solve my mother’s mystery. I discover the women’s movement of the 70’s, a feminist activist cinema, and the filmmaker that I am changes. Thus, this film’s ways of fabrication reflect the ways of the activists I meet and testify to the transmission of feminist history through collective film making.”