Workshop “Handmade Emulsion” by Kevin Rice


Notes Handmade emulsion par Carole+Aurelie

Saturday 8th and sunday 9th november 2014
Mire’s lab
30€ + membership fee (20€)
by reservation


A workshop taught by Kevin Rice, member of the american collective Process Reversal.

The process of handcrafting film emulsion offers the filmmaker an unprecedented degree of creative intervention and expressiveness that simply cannot be accomplished with commercial film stocks — by making emulsion, the filmmaker is given the ability to manipulate its shape, alter its chemical properties, apply it to non-traditional bases and adjust it in countless additional ways to create a unique, photosensitive material. As such, the process manifests new forms of dialogue within the film’s production, many of which are still waiting to be explored.

In this two day workshop, participants will learn to exercise this technique by adopting various D-­‐I-­‐Y strategies to generate black & white emulsions for both in-­‐camera photography and printing purposes. Along the way, theories concerning emulsion chemistry and production will also be discussed so that participants can expand upon them in their own work. Finally, the basic procedures for cinematography,
photo-­‐processing and contact printing will be demonstrated, forming a complete practical overview of the silver-­‐gelatin process.

Usefull infos :
– Workshop taught in english
– No particular level required but an experience in hand processing is strongly recommanded
– Cost : 30€ + membership fee (20€)

>> For inscription send an email to Aurélie :

// This workshop is proposed in the continuity of the first “Maddox Seminar“, organized by L’Abominable in Paris between oct. 27th and nov. 2, 2014. It will consist of a week of research about hand-made fim emulsion between some European and North American film-makers and artists as : Guillaume Ferry (a Mire member!), Alex MacKenzie (Vancouver), Etienne Caire (Grenoble), Robert Schaller (Colorado), Lindsay McIntyre (Montréal), Esther Urlus (Rotterdam) and Kevin Rice (Colorado).