Sortie de Labo


Mire’s lab is a shared tool where one can work in Super 8 and 16mm.

Rapid-fire editing, optical illusions, music videos, diaristic films, chemical improvisations, shot images and found footage… this program invites you to discover a panel of films this space is proud to contribute to !




 Cables by Clara Jolly, music by Maxime Fabregues
2023 / 16mm / 18ips / digital sound / 4’00

Cables is a play on details of the facades of building in the Lavapiés neighbourhood in Madrid. This film was shot with a H16 Bolex on st8 film in december 2021. Music written and played by Maxime Fabregues.


Les Horizons by Antoine Ledroit
2023 / 16mm / silent/ 8’00

Whatever happened, the horizons were there. Whatever happens, the horizons are here. Whatever will happen, the horizons will be there.

les écrevisses rouges tes lèvres dans l’eau du ruisseau by Juliette Morisse with Gaël Forcet-Moreau
2023 / Super-8 / 1’59

the water whips
our benumbed romance the dragonflies his skin
as grain under my tongue
memories of the sun
beneath my eyelids shut

a very short erotic film about the desire of the living

CONTROL by Sélim Atmane and Hugo Barral
2023 / multi-format dont 16mm / proj NUM / 4’48

Music video for Robzie



The Undone by Romain Rival
2023 / 16mm / 03′

Music video for Dear March


Sans Titre by Romain Rival
2023 / Super-8 / 05′

“Film d’au revoir à mon ancien appartement. Version de travail.”


Plant workshop, collective film Mire
2023 / 16mm / silencieux / boucle

Last july, the Mire team gathered in the fields and the rivers to pick, chop and infuse all sorts of plants. Once properly dosed with ash, this decoctions served to develop images shot on Bolex earlier in the day. Once fixed in salt-saturated water, the images displayed certain tints….the work of nature in photochemical practices ! Workshop led by Joyce Lainé and Katherine Bauer.


Muses by the students of Ciné’sup – Lycée Guist’hau
2022 / Super-8 / 03′ 26”

A search for love through the halls of the Musée d’arts de Nantes



Sans Titre  by the students of Ciné’sup – Lycée Guist’hau
2022/ Super-8 / 03’26”




Mirage by the students of Ciné’sup – Lycée Guist’hau
2022 / Super-8 / 03’08”