Screening, performance, concert & cantine
NOMOS NOMADE#3 has found refuge.
Open air XP 16mm and Super 8 projection and open price cantine.

5 sublime films to float along the birth of a river to the celestial vault :

Rose Lowder – La Source de la Loire (First french public screening !)
Chris WELSBY – Color Separation
Gary BEYDLER – Venice Pier
David DUDOUIT – L’Ile de Sein
Jeanne LIOTTA – Observando el Cielo

artisan productions from Mire’s lab :
Arnaud Benoist – La Cantinière dort

Élodie Ferré – Paluderie

And as a bonus, performance and concerts are planned while we wait for the nightfall.
(2€  of annual membership to P9 for those who aren’t yet).
See you there !