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Les Boîtes de la Nuit


Les Boîtes de La Nuit by Gaëlle Rouard, Christophe Cardoen (projections), Marie Cambois, Lotus Eddé Khouri (dance), Jérome Noetinger, Yan Beigbeder, Guillaume Laidain (music-DJ).

Les Boîtes de la Nuit are multiple night clubs in one ephemeral and spontaneous entity, free from the diktats of rhythm and consumerism. A collective experiment, a peculiar dance-floor, the intoxication of communal wandering…

At the sound of the successive DJs, the Vibe Controllers will blend into the moving crowd in order to extract its essence, in turn augmented and modified by the luminous projection of the club, in its heart recreated.

Les Boîtes De La Nuit slips into the corners of the venue and offers a different approach of the party. You will be the kings and queens of an experimental dance-floor that will make you look beyond the floor, exactly where you usually wouldn’t lay your eyes.

From the fragility of the analog image to the hypnotic effect of stroboscopic light, from the subliminal projection of poetic forms to the irradiation of moving bodies, light itself is an infinite source of dancing.