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Jumble screen


Open screen for guests and the PRISME team.
Scopitones, kitsch sci-fi and some nice surprises for a relaxed Sunday afternoon screening.

An opportunity for the programming team to throw in three bonus films from the open call that they particularly enjoyed.

Bibliobus ali buh baeh will be present with its artisanal editions of cassettes, vinyls and books…

Rayogram sale by Gaëlle Rouard

Monsieur Jean- Claude by Guillaume Vallée
2021 / 35 mm to DCP

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back, and this time it’s personal ! 72 photograms built from a 35mm trailer of the JCVD opus The Quest (1966). A reexamination of my conceptions of masculinity through the deconstruction of images seen repeatedly over the course of my childhood.



Coleccíon privada by Elena Duque
2020 / S8 / 13’

A filmed inventory of a private collection. This can be understood as an art collection but also as a compilation in the spirit of philately or archeology, or as a series of objects and documents constituting a collection of memories. The emotional catalog of a life converted, once again, into a collection item.



The other side of the spoon by Léa Lanoé and Pierre Borel
2020 / 16mm / 18’

“ -Sometimes, when I play, I find myself in the dark, completely in the dark; and a solution must be found. The others don’t know that I don’t know, in sorts. But they feel this fragility.”

This film is an homage to Tristan Honsinger, a singular figure of experimental music.