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Performances - PRISME #6

For the second consecutive year, PRISME takes over the artist-run space Pol_n for an electrifying performance evening !

An opening of the possibilities of a cinema which unfolds in space and is lived in the energy of the moment. From the purity of an outline to the abundance of noise.

Start of the sets at 8pm sharp !


Objet Orienté Objet (O.O.O) by Julien Clauss & Olivier Perriquet
FR / 2022 / 44’44”
Turntables, objects, synthesizers, lamps,  aser sensors

The geometry of an exploded cinema and sculpted sound.

Pulsos Subterràneos
by Elena Pardo (LEC, Mexico), live sound by Aude Rabillon (FR)
2022 / 40′
3 16mm projectors, field recording, voice, live sound

The subjective story of the resistance to mining exploitation by mexican communities : a societal subject tackled through a sensitive prism.

Narcisse and the travel agency by Le Ratoir aka Katherine Bauer, Pierre Borel, Joyce Lainé, Léa Lanoë and Loïc Verdillon
MTK et Labo Largent, FR / 2023 / 17′ 
 16mm projection

Reflections of the projection of light through the silver of the mirror onto the silver of the film. No one will be blind.

Domestication Film Series : Alu (N°1) & On My Dirty Wings (N°2) by Andrea Saggiomo aka 70FPS
ArkFilmLab Napoli, IT / 2020 / 35′
16mm projection at variable speed, DIY process of fabrication and diffusion, live sound

Animal domestication and human self-domestication, between beauty and cruelty. An ambivalence explored through a tumultuous visual and sound approach. Radical energy.