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Prisme #5 - Thematic screening

This screening will take you on a feverish trip around the world ! We start out with a deep dive into a sub-aquatic dance-floor where captain Cousteau seems on acid to then disembark at the Niagara, a club among many, where the introspective experience is sublimed in its fusion with the crowd. The dance continues in the dazzling condensation of Kubelka’s black & white and goes on through a CinemaScope drift following a dutch carnival withering until dawn. To conclude this devilish journey all in density, a disheveled tour du monde in the chaos of sound-systems… !


Marsa Abu Galawa (Careless Reef Part 4) by Gerard Holthuis (NL)
2004 / 35mm / 13’

Impression of the underwater world in the red sea. The film is a bombardment of images and features the music of Abdel Basset Hamouda, an Egyptian musician. The structure of the film is based on the so called «flicker films», in which the unconscious experience of the images is more important than the actual images. MAG is part of the Careless Reef series, four short films who deal with the underwater world.

Niagara by Vincent Pouplard (FR), son de Will Guthrie (FR/AUS)
2016 / vidéo / 10’

Flash. Music. A static silhouette, a nervous pair of hands in the midst of dancing bodies. Emmanuel is going to the Niagara for the first time.


Adebar de Peter Kubelka (AUT)
1956-1957 / 35 mm / 3’

A heady melody, positive and negative silhouettes, dancers of disturbing strangeness.



Carna by Adriaan Ditvoorst (NL)
1969 / 35 mm / 12’

An impressionist film, sensitive and ironic, about a Krabbegat bal, the Bergen op Zoom local carnival in the dutch North Brabant. Night of exhilaration, we drift until dawn, stunned… The Technicolor film transforms this ritual into a ram-shackled Hollywood musical. A rare gem, of which the chief op Jan de Bont pursued his career alongside Paul Verhoeven… Projected in original 35mm Scope Technicolor format.


One Minute to Zero de Olivier Dutel pour Film Base (FR)
2021 / 16mm vers DCP / 38’

Let’s dip our heads in Youtube up to our ears: India, Brazil, Francia, Laos, Indonesia, Mexico, United Kingdom, etc. A wild world tour of sound systems. Boom boom, our hearts go boom boom, the sound system goes boom boom, the Earth goes boom boom… Built on a volcano, the dance floor burns our feet.