Cinema Alive – Mire x La Sagesse de l’image


For this third and last opus of the partnership season with La Sagesse de l’Image, Mire presents a performed cinema screening with Nicolas Dalban-Moreynas and Alexia Henon, active members of the lab.

Film projection, more than the simple broadcasting of a prerecorded work is an artistic gesture in itself.

Creation arises in the manipulations of the operator, working around the very matter of the image, their movement and staging…

From early nomadic and fairground cinema tradition to contemporary experimentation, a tale unfolds in the margins of official history where the popcorn shop makes way for an obscure alliance, an archaïc and visceral ritual.


Court métrages Super 8 bonimentés by Nicolas Dalban-Moreynas
Multiprojection / super 8 / voice

Reviving the tradition of fairground barkers who would compose the screening live, in front of and with the public, executing a unique number, particular to each, revealing the author facing the screen in his choice of films, order of sequences, musical accompaniment and oral narration. In sum, storytellers of image !

Explorations sensorielles de la fragilité by Alexia Hénon
Double projection 16mm

Recurring gestures, methodical,
Repeated sequences,
Over generations, without end.

Percieving the micro-variations which are near indetectable.

To be devoured by the drifting of time.

Motions of maintenance, attentive to the frailty of things, become sensory explorations.