16mm Projector Maintenance & Expanded Cinema

Workshop avec Alex MacKenzie

Mire is happy to welcome canadian artist Alex MacKenzie for a workshop around the maintenance and exploration of the expanded potentials of the 16mm projector with canadian artist !

Workshop description :

Explore best practices and maintenance for 16mm projectors including upkeep, use, safety, lubricants, belts, bulbs, bandaid solutions, common problems and ways to fix them. Projectors will be opened up to better understand the moving parts and what they do, and we will take a closer look at all elements, from film gate to optical reader and beyond. We will then work with the projectors to expand their potential and re-purpose their function. Light, lens, focal plane, film gate, speed, shutter, motor, bulb, and screen will all be examined with live examples and an up-close and hands-on approach. Try out various techniques and gain a better understanding of how these elements work both separately and in tandem for a demystification of the primary instrument of the motion picture.

The workshop is open to all, amateurs, connoisseurs or simply curious of 16mm projection.

The workshop will be in french with little moments of english.

10 participants max.

To register : aurelie@mire-exp.org