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Lab workshops 2023





Mire offers different types of introductory workshops to the lab’s tools :

– introduction to developing  : duration 1 day / cost 10€ / limited to 3 participants per session.

For the introduction to developing, additional cost of 8,60€ for a Super 8 film (7€ Super 8 developing + 1€ spool + 0,60€ film leader)

– workshop : these are more in-depth sessions, no prerequisite is required but a first previous approach to film is recommended / duration :  2 days / cost 40€ /  5 – 10 participants depending on the approached techniques

To take part in these workshops, one must :

-Sign up with carole(at)

– Be a member of Mire (20€/year) or enroll in a membership

–  For the introductions to developing, come with an exposed film (and make sure beforehand it is the right kind of film for the developing process of the workshop)

Good to know : upon membership Mire lends cameras and sells film at cost.

The idea behind these workshops is to allow for an autonomous access to the lab. Mire’s lab does not propose developing services, the philosophy is DIY !
For the “newly initiated” members, during the first autonomous sessions, it may be preferable to ensure the person who led the introductory workshop is available by phone and/or the presence of Carole or Aurélie in the office in case of any doubts or in need of reminders.

for more information : carole (at)