“Cameraless film, intervention on film”


“Cameraless film, intervention on film” workshop led by Mire in the network of Biblio’fil-COMPA libraries (Varades, La Chapelle Saint-Sauveur, Belligné, Ingrandes-Le Fresne libraries) with 4th and 5th grade students from the classes of  Alexandra Lavallière, Gwénaëlle Angebault, Fanny Geslin, Hélène Ernoul, Marina Laurent, François Chevallier

Activity leaders : Mariane Moula and Aurélie Percevault

After being introduced to cinema history and manipulating optical games for the Balbu-ciné suitcase, the kids were able to intervene directly onto 16mm film, experimenting with movement decomposition and the projected image.

With the help of markers, ink, stickers on transparent film or by scratching black film, they were able to create color and movement on loops of film.

Thank you to Emmanuelle Sourice for the warm welcome !