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Wandering performances

The conclusion of the first phase of the Wandering sounds and images seminar, will be concluded, for our greatest pleasure, in collab with the NOMOS NOMADE friends!

We are delighted to invite you all to join us for the 4th edition of NOMOS NOMADE.
Meeting point Saturday 11 February at 7pm at 23 avenue Léon Blum.

The programme promises to be rich.
-> Romaric Sobac / Zach Poff / Alex MacKenzie / Valentin Ferré / Pierre Pierre Pierre / Guillermo Telechea / born in Brière <-
And certainly some other names to come.

Marco will propose some food at a open contribution.

After a 3rd sedentary edition, we will resume our wanderings in town and in the port.

Thanks to Mire and Spectral for the opportunity to take advantage of the arrival of many artists in the region.

See you there!

Alexis / Romaric / Antoine