Mire films at LaborBerlin

Projection, RE MI

On the occasion of the official opening of the new lab (and of the RE MI project partners meeting), LaborBerlin invites Filmwerkplaats and Mire to present films made in their labs.

Here’s  Mire’s program:

Untitled (Morocco), Laure Peigné, 2012, Super 8 color, 18fps, silent, 3min22
During a visit in the middle Atlas, a cinematic journey unfolds from effervescent Meknes medina to snowy mountains on the Ifrane road.

CORTOPUNK, Carole Thibaud, 2017, Super8>digital, Color / pal SD 4/3, sound, 3mn18
It’s time for Corto’s haircut. It’s a real event, a ceremony. Public is there, weather is good, stars are aligned.

Collé-Serré, Carole Thibaud, 2013, / 16mm + digital sound / B&W / 3mn30
A musical 16mm film made for and with Sieur&Dame, an eccentric lyric pop band making a cover of the Lambada song. An epic alcoholic shooting that ended with a human pyramid in the street and naked table football games in a bar.
The film was totally printed and edited with our capricious JK optical printer.

L|R-introduction / Will Rifer / 2015 / 16mm /18fps/ silent / 2’10
2 Super8 reels from a stereostopic film transferred on 16mm film coated with 2 handmade emulsion coloured layers.
Made in Mire, showed during the Maddox seminar organized by L’abominable in Paris, october 2014.

Untitled -Stéphane Racine –– 2015 – Super8 – Silent – 7 min 18 fps
Results of a research on emulsion making and mordançage technique.

Sillages#2 -Antoine Ledroit & Aurélie Percevault- 16mm – 5’20 – 24 fps– silent – 2014
A presence by an absence.
Condensation and repetition of the past, these fleeting moments captured and forgotten.

Test Loop – Faces – Antoine Ledroit + Pierre Pierre Pierre – 35 mm loop played live – 1.37 – digital sound – about 5 min.
Sharp cut-up made of movie trailers frames and dialogues.
Intense face to face with a condensed hollywood portrait gallery.”

Then let’s keep dancing – Aurélie Percevault – 16 mm – B&W -silent about 2 min
Collected portraits in decomposed – recomposed movements.

Untitled (24xH2o) redux (producer’s cut ) -Thomas Chatard + Antoine Ledroit – 35mm / sound (in SR if possible or MONO) / 5mn
Untitled (24xH2o) is an altered 35mm projection, all edited with original altered movie trailers.
Those distorted commercial frames reveal their materiality and take us to another cinematic environment.
Leftovers from original shots become sets for a new experience.
Fiction turns organic and rhythmical. Coming back to the magic, to the transparency of the original medium.
The screen finally looks like a disturbed and moving luminous painting celebrating the last jolts of a 35mm projector.