ABERRATION – Mire x Blockhaus DY10

Audiovisual performances, concerts & installations

On the occasion of the 3rd phase of the Wandering Sounds and Images seminar bringing together a dream team of tinkering and inventive artists from Europe and beyond, Mire and the Blockhaus DY10 have come together to deliver this dense and intense night of audiovisual performance, concerts and installations.

Mechanics, electronics, DIY explorations for a medley of artistic proposals oscillating between a state of grace and sensory disruption…

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Installations (Galerie K Haus)


En l’absence de paupières by Marjorie Le Berre
Individual hut for film slides

Fast Slow Radio Remix by Zach Poff
Quadraphonic sound installation 


Performances and concerts

Experiments for a single projector by Alex MacKenzie
Augmented 16mm projection

Naïa by Estelle Chaigne
Projectors, glass plates and soundtrack by Folklore tapes

Prana Cotta (aka Mariane Moula x Pierre Pierre Pierre)
Quadraphonic sound and triple 16mm projection

Stefan Voglsinger & Guillermo Tellechea
16mm audiovisual performance 

Br Laser
Laser audiovisual performance

Nitro Clinch
Explosives & stroboscopes

DY10 Orchestra
Modular synthesizers